Make the most of your Service.

We offer a wide range of services at our centre and we are proud to say that we are specialized in every single service that we offer to people and businesses.

Business Sectors

Our ability to tackle technical problems with utmost care and security makes us take a place in the hearts of our diverse clients. In our experience we have covered a broad categories of industries as listed below:
  1. Shipping Industry
  2. Manufacturing Industry
  3. Book Stores
  4. Educational Institutions
  5. Pharmaceuticals
  6. Auditing Firms
  7. Electrical Companies
  8.  Super Market Stores
  9. Retailers
  10. Share Brokers
  11. C & F Agents
  12. Finance Industry
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"I have been purchasing all my computer related accessories and gadgets for my company for almost 25 years from Perform Computers. With their professional service, I will continue to purchase from there hereafter"
"The quality of service they provide with utmost dedication and sincerity is commandable. Their service makes me refer to them to all my friends and relatives."
" I have been working with Perform Computers for almost 25 years. They provide one of the finest services at an extremely affordable rate."
"I know Perform Computers for almost 25 years now. Ever since the start of our Manufacturing Company, we have always been purchasing materials from them and getting all our service and maintenance done by them. "
"They always do what they do with perfection. They never give false hopes of service maintenance. They take up the work only after checking if the problem is solvable and advise rightly. They are never money-minded."
"If at all anything goes wrong with my PC/ computer accessories, I always prefer PERFORM COMPUTERS over anyone."
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